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Removing the Fat from Your Expenses

Unique solutions that will create a significant reduction in your indirect operating expenses

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Our Value Proposition

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Running a business is hard enough during these most challenging of times, but also trying to navigate the costs of your indirect expenses is a time-sapping diversion from your core business and truly an exercise for specialist.

Our Experts will help you and give you service technology solutions that provides you a peace of mind

We relieve you in this major headache and ensure your costs are best-in-class.

What We Bring to the Table...

  • Unique solutions that will likely create a significant reduction in your indirect operating expenses.

  • All Programs are contingency-based.

  • All Solutions are performed by our niche specialist, Subject-Matter-Expert Teams.

  • All Programs require little resources or disruption of your part.

  • Our Methodology

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  • We review your invoices

  • We detect billing errors and anomalies

  • We monitor and perform the above continually during the life of your agreements

  • We find rate-reductions and potential credits

  • We track your current vendor agreement renewals

  • We right-size your expenses with your current vendors

  • Are your utility bills accurate?

    Utilities are one of the top operating expenses in any business. Many factors impact utility bills, and errors do occur that are complex and difficult to uncover.

    According to a recent study, 4 out of 5 commercial or industrial customers are over billed by the utility at some point.

    Our utility bill audit is a zero risk, hassle free process to analyze a company's utility expenses. This in-depth process takes little time on your part with no out-of-pocket expenses.

    Our Audit Team will find billing errors, estimated and inaccurate meter readings, tariffs, usage data and inconsistencies, contract revisions, and many other obscure discrepancies.

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    iAlphas Zero Risk Free

    Start Saving Today!

  • Electricity

  • Natural Gas

  • Deregulated Gas & Electric Programs

  • Water & Sewer

  • Waste

  • Telecom

  • Phone | Cellular | Internet

  • Do you review/question the charges on your monthly credit card processing fees statement?

    Payment processing rates are complex and always increasing. Merchant processing statements are difficult to understand and it’s nearly impossible to know if you have competitive rates.

    With our experts team you can obtain the lowest payment processing rates available with your current payment processor and protect them from future rate increases.

    You don’t need to be an expert in the payments industry to reduce your credit card processing fees; let our team navigate the complexity for you. Reduce your credit card processing fees in simple and fast way.

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    3-Step Process

  • Analyze how much you can save on credit card processing fees.

  • Using proprietary software, it audits your merchant account statement against thousands of interchange and assessment fees to uncover over-billing and hidden charges. Your statement data is analyzed and benchmarked against optimal pricing available with your current payment processor, providing a clear view of potential program savings. No cost for the analysis. No obligation.

  • number 2

    Optimize your rates and capture the savings identified in the analysis.

  • We will optimize your rates with your current payment processor, ensuring your merchant account is configured correctly to take advantage of the lowest processing rates. The optimization process is fast and there’s no changing payment processors or the manner in which credit cards are processed. No effort on your part and the only fee is a percentage of realized savings.

  • number 3

    Protect you from future rate increases and ensure you continue to realize savings.

  • After your payment processing rates are optimized, they need to be protected against future rate increases. will ingest your monthly merchant processing statement to determine your program savings for the processing period and will monitor your processing rates to guard against negative changes. You will receive monthly monitoring and savings report.

    Would you be interested in reducing the cost of your uniform/linen rental program by 30-50% without being required to change your current supplier?

    The Uniform & Linen Industry, as well as its customers, are challenged with continued cost escalation due to the increased expense of energy, water and labor. 

    Do you know if your invoices are contract compliant? So our team developed proprietary software and processes to audit invoices for refunds, re-negotiate the contracts, then monitor those contracts for ongoing compliance & savings.

    Let our expert audit teams do this for you. No need to change vendors, we negotiate with your current vendor and if a reduction or refund cannot be achieved, then no fees shall be due and the contract agreement is null & void. No Recovery/Savings = No Fee = No Risk

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    3-Step Process

  • Analyze past billing to Identify Savings

  • Our deep historical forensic audit looks for errors and over billings to generate refunds and credits.

  • number 2

    Optimize Pricing to Capture Savings

  • We benchmark present pricing within the current contact to identify price & rate reduction opportunities

  • number 3

    Protect & Monitor to Secure & Ensure Savings

  • Monitor & protect against future pricing errors, fees, erroneous charges, and random rate increases.

    Do you monitor the charges for your workers' compensation from your insurance company?

    We are not selling any insurance for your business and we are not going to replace your current insurance agent, insurance broker or company. We are here to help you save money, do the right audit for you to be able to lessen and control your workers compensation cost. 

    Workers compensation is complicated. Every state has a workers compensation statute that directs how their state law applies; who the law applies to and what happens when the employer is in non compliance. Non compliance penalties are the enforcement actions of any individual state authority. When a business owner is required to carry workers compensation coverage and does not they will face harsh consequences from the state authority. Many times, small business owners are the one who suffer the most, due to workers compensation premium errors, audit and classification mistakes. This sometimes lead the business to bankruptcy.

    Be guided by our expert teams. We will represent you and protect you from financial harm.

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